Management of Food-Borne Illnesses

State Rules

Years ago, the North Carolina Commission for Health Services adopted rules to help reduce the incidence of food-borne illness and to better protect the public health. Restaurant operators' responsibilities with regards to suspected or confirmed food-borne outbreaks are defined in North Carolina General Statute 130A-138.

Investigating & Reporting Outbreaks

Restaurant operators are required to report to the local health department all outbreaks or suspected outbreaks of food-borne illness among employees or customers and all suspected cases of food-borne disease or conditions among food handlers.

The Craven County Health Department's Epidemiology (EPI) Team is responsible for the investigation of suspected outbreaks. Its purpose is to coordinate the management of communicable disease emergencies so that the spread of disease can be prevented or minimized and normal community conditions can be restored as quickly as possible. The top ten causes of food-borne illnesses can and must be prevented to protect the health and well-being of the citizens and many visitors to Craven County.

To report a food-borne illness complaint, please fill out the following form: Food-borne Illness Complaint Form.