Seafood Markets & Seafood Vehicles

Approval Process

Inspection & Approval

No person shall operate a seafood market or seafood vehicle within Craven County until he has complied with Rules Governing Authorization, Construction, and Sanitation of Seafood Markets and Seafood Sales Vehicles in Craven County North Carolina (PDF). Copies of the Seafood Ordinance and the pamphlet operating a seafood vehicle in Craven County (PDF) are available at the Division of Environmental Health, Craven County Health Department.


Applications (PDF) for such inspection and permit shall be made in writing to the Craven County Health Department by the person requesting a permit to operate. No permit to operate shall be issued until the market or vehicle has been inspected by the Food, Lodging, and Institutions section, Craven County Health Department.

Approval of Plans

Plans and specifications for proposed new construction or remodeling of a seafood market shall be submitted for review and approval to the Craven County Health Department. Click here for the application. Seafood vehicles are to be inspected and approved prior to issuance of a permit.

Sales from Vehicles (Specific)

Rules regarding seafood sales from vehicles include:

  • The portion of the vehicle used for storage, transportation, and sales shall be enclosed and constructed of easily cleaned material.
  • Vehicles are to be cleaned and sanitized (chemically) to reduce pathogenic bacteria and discourage the presence of flies. Vehicles shall be cleaned daily.
  • Fish and similar products shall be stored in non-absorbent boxes or cases of sufficient size and depth to permit and maintain thorough icing at all times and shall be kept at 40°F or below. Seafood shall not be permitted to flat in drip water from melting ice.
  • Vehicles offering shell stock (any fish still in their shell) shall provide and maintain mechanical refrigeration equipped with an operating thermometer. Temperature must be maintained at 45°F or below.
  • To prevent cross-contamination on vehicles, storage sales will be limited to one product.
  • Seafood vehicles shall be located within 100 yards or closer to toilet and hand washing facilities.
  • The vendor shall keep and maintain for a period of 90 days the records disclosing the source of seafood for sale.
  • Liquid waste shall be disposed of in accordance with North Carolina Laws and Rules for Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems.
  • Solid waste shall be kept in leak-proof, nonabsorbent containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • All employees shall wear clean clothing and handle fish and other seafood product in a sanitary manner.