Welcome to Craven County

Established in 1712, Craven County is now home to approximately 103,000 residents. Many newcomers and visitors are attracted to Craven County due to its moderate climate, scenic location, historic and recreational attractions and wealth of services. Craven County is a brilliant example of the "old" co-existing peacefully with the "new". Our history is distinguished. Our present and future are shaped by innovation, and driven by new technologies.

For newcomers, Craven County offers an abundance of housing options, located in eight municipalities, numerous subdivisions and other unincorporated areas within the County's 712 square miles. An expanding and developing workforce, a diverse population, availability of numerous professional services and easy access to major transportation arteries are attractive features for businesses seeking development, expansion and relocation opportunities.

Craven County cherishes its proud heritage and superb quality of life, which we strive to preserve, enjoy and share with visitors and newcomers. Craven County also looks to a bright future, as we find new and innovative ways to deliver superior services to this community. These combinations of factors help to make Craven County an extraordinary place to live, work, raise a family or to visit.