Theron McCabe

Commissioner Theron McCabe Biography

Commissioner McCabe, a native of Craven County, is the son of the late Rev. Roy and Bertha McCabe. He grew up in the Harlowe community and graduated from Havelock High School in 1967. After high school, he moved to Brooklyn, New York where he attended the Police Academy for six months, after graduating as a uniformed police officer with the New York City Housing Police Department and also worked with the New York City Police Department. He was later promoted to detective, assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division. Later assigned to Manhattan Narcotics Unit.

Following his retirement in 1995, Commissioner McCabe returned to Craven County, North Carolina and became active in the Harlowe community.


  • Joined the Harlowe Volunteer Fire Department in 1996, serving three terms as Chief
  • Elected to Board of Commissioners in 2006
  • Harlowe Improvement Association
  • Firemen’s Relief Fund Board of Directors
  • Craven County Crime Stoppers Board
  • Board of Directors of N.C. Association of County Commissioners
  • Eastern Carolina Council Board of Directors
  • Craven County Smart Start Board
  • Down East Rural Planning Organization (RPO)
  • New Bern Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
  • Military Growth Task Force
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Havelock Library Board
  • Old North State Award, awarded by Governor Roy Cooper

Some of my priorities for Craven County are:

  • Support and enhance the County’s education system,
  • Enrichment of recreational outlets for County youth
  • Improve public safety and emergency services for all citizens
  • Improve County infrastructure, including better sewer, drainage, highways and secondary roads as well as in the City of Havelock

Some of the highlighted achievements which Commissioner McCabe has been instrumental in bringing about include:

Community Improvements

  • Commissioner McCabe working with the other members of the Board of County Commissioners was instrumental in establishing the new Havelock Community Health Center. This center will not only serve the citizens of Commissioner McCabe’s district and Commissioner George Liner’s district, as well as residents of the surrounding areas.
  • Helped obtain a Community Development Block Grants to provide county water to seven residences along Henderson Godette Road, off Adams Creek Road and, to re-construct homes for five (5) low to moderate income families in the Township 5 District.
  • Worked with DOT for a beautification project at the intersection of Temples Point Road and NC Hwy 101 which included the planting of rose bushes, crepe myrtles and other assorted flowers.
  • Coordinated with Community President and obtained county funding to improve the Harlowe Community picnic shelter, major items included painting, new roof and column repairs to the shelter, bathroom facility renovation, sand and cushion material under swing playground equipment and water outlet. This facility was renovated due to deterioration of the current facility and better accommodates usage by the community for cookouts and sports such as basketball, football, cheerleading and other activities.
  • Responsible for parking lot improvements at Harlowe Community Center, to include resurfacing, relining parking spaces, and establishment of ADA-compliant handicap accessible spaces and no parking areas.
  • Worked to secure land for emergency staging area on Adams Creek Road for the Harlowe Fire Department. This area will be used to facilitate emergency rescues in the time of need.
  • Recognize the need for better communication service in the Adams Creek community. These services include improved cellular service and internet.


  • Facilitated with NC DOT for the installation of reflectors on the Core Creek Bridge that crosses the Intracoastal Waterway. Reflectors were installed to improve visibility for motorists traveling east and west;
  • Installation of guard rails on Highway 101;
  • Turning lane on Highway 101 and Ferry Road to improve safety;
  • Facilitated with NC Department of Transportation to take ownership and maintain Pine Cliff Road;
  • Facilitated with the NC DOT to obtain funding for the resurfacing and widening of Highway 101, Ferry Road (Highway 306), Blades Road, Fisher Town Road and portions of Adams Creek Road;
  • Coordinated with NC DOT to pave Smith Farm Road off Adams Creek Road and install additional fire hydrants for residents;
  • Facilitated the widening and resurfacing of Temples Point Road from where it intersects with NC Hwy 101 all the way to Matthews Point Marina.
  • Involved with securing NC DOT funding to resurface Merrimon Road, which is located in the North River Community of Carteret County
  • Coordinated with NC DOT to replace and widen the Mill Pond Bridge on Blades Road.
  • Worked with NCDOT to have Hickman Hill Road resurfaced improving the safety for the traveling public.
  • Request NCDOT to perform an engineering study to elevate Adams Creek Road at the Clubfoot Creek crossing. This proposal would help to make Adams Creek Road passable for residents and emergency vehicles when roadway would otherwise be flooded.
  • Working with NCDOT, in the process of having Wards Lane paved which is located off of Temple’s Point Road.
  • Requested NCDOT to restripe NC 101 and widened the turn lane at Temple’s Point Rd to allow for safer functionally at this intersection.
  • Coordinating with NCDOT and Carteret County to make safety improvements at the intersection of Adams Creek Road and NC 101.
  • Coastal Carolina Regional Airport Board Member
    Commissioner Theron McCabe was officially sworn in to be the Craven County Board of Commissioners representative on the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport Authority Board (EWN).  This position is very important in preparing the airport for the future aviation needs of the region.
  • Wards Lane Paving Project
    Commissioner Theron McCabe was very instrumental in the facilitation of the paving of Wards Lane within Township 5 of Craven County. Mr. McCabe worked tirelessly with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to make this project a reality.

Fire/Public Safety

  • New fire stations built on Ferry Road to improve homeowners’ insurance rating thereby lowering homeowner insurance rates; coordinated efforts between Carteret County and the Harlowe Fire Department to ensure continued coverage and to maintain their insurance rating;
  • Worked with US Postal Service to have 29 (twenty-nine) mailboxes relocated to same side of highway and to senior citizen dwellings residing along Highway 101 and secondary roads for the purposes of resident and traffic safety;
  • Coordinated with NC DOT to install a 4-way stop on the intersection of Blades and Godette School Road for improved traffic safety;
  • Facilitated with NC DOT for the installation of an approaching traffic flashing light at the intersection of Highway 101 and Ferry Road;
  • Facilitated with NC DOT "No Fishing" signs on Mill Pond Bridge
  • In the process of studying the need for emergency medical response in the Harlowe Community

Business Growth

  • Dollar General Store built on Hwy 101 for conveniences of the residents in the Harlowe Community and others who travel. Commissioner McCabe supports growth of existing and new businesses.


  • Very instrumental in the debris removal project of the Harlowe Canal off Adams Creek Road to provide a safer boating, kayaking and jet skiing environment for the citizens of Craven County and Carteret County. The project included the removal of trees, logs and other associated debris from the canal. Commissioner McCabe also helped facilitate the debris removal project within the section of the Harlowe canal that is located in Carteret County. The residents of Ball Farm Road and surrounding areas were very pleased with Commissioner McCabe assistance to help solve this issue. This has been completed on a number of occasions.
  • Worked in coordination with North Carolina Forest Service to reestablish an improved boat access for landing, installed a fishing pier and floating docks at the Cahooque Creek Recreational Area. During this improvement the North Carolina Forest Service also installed handicap parking, larger area for boat trailer parking and made the area safer for recreational area users.

Health and Safety

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Event
    Commissioner Theron McCabe was very instrumental in the planning and organizing of a Covid-19 vaccination special clinic that served the citizens of Township 5, as well as the surrounding region including Havelock and Beaufort. The clinic was held at the Godette Community Center and served approximately 100 citizens.


After Hurricane Isabel, coordinated efforts with the Carteret County Correctional Facility in Newport to utilize approximately 18 (eighteen) inmates for the clean-up and removal of debris from residential areas of the Adams Creek Community.

He attends Piney Grove A.M.E. Zion Church. His vision for Craven County includes improved test scores and lower dropout rates for Craven County students, school construction, and recreational outlets for youth, enhanced public safety and emergency services, improved infrastructure, including sewer, drainage, highways and secondary roads.