Emergency Services

Be prepared for Hurricane Season this year by reading the 2020 Hurricane Guide.

Governor’s Assistance Hot Line

You can call the Governor’s Assistance Hot Line at 1-888-835-9966.

Mission Statement

It is the Emergency Services mission of Craven County to provide for the protection of the people and resources in the county in order to minimize damage, injury, and loss of life resulting from any type of emergency or disaster, keep affected persons informed about the situation and how they can protect themselves, provide for the continuity of government, and provide for survey of damage (private and public) and damage assessment resulting from such emergency or disaster.

About the Department

The Emergency Services Department is the leading agency that provides direction and coordination of public safety. Consolidated under one departmental management is the Craven County Communications Center, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, and Fire Marshal.

The Emergency Services department coordinates with 12 rescue agencies, 14 Fire departments and several Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). These agencies work together to provide the citizens with complete and unified emergency services during any emergency or disaster that may be a threat to life and property.