CARTS Twitter Messages

CARTS & Use of Twitter

CARTS is now offering clients the ability to receive notification of transportation service disruptions through the use of Twitter. These notifications will be in the form of "tweets," short text messages, sent to a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages. CARTS intentions are to use this service to send messages of high importance and, where the need is to notify as many clients as possible, as soon as possible. Sudden inclement weather conditions, unplanned closures of roads or bridges and equipment failures are examples of situations where CARTS might use this new communication tool.

The use of Twitter is just another method of notifying the public regarding disruptions in our service schedules. Other means of notification will still include local television stations, voice messages on the CARTS main phone number of 252-636-4917, notices on the Craven County website and notices on the CARTS main web page.

Sign Up for Twitter

If you do not have a Twitter account, you can sign up for a free Twitter account. Once you have signed up for an account, you can follow any number of Twitter accounts and take advantage of all the features of Twitter. To learn more about Twitter, visit Twitter's "About" page.

Fast Follow

Can I get CARTS client notifications via Twitter without a Twitter account? Absolutely! By using Fast Follow you don't have to sign up or add your phone in order to receive updates via Twitter.

To Begin Receiving CARTS Tweets

Send "follow cartsofcjp" (without quotes) to phone number 40404; and you will start receiving tweets from CARTS on your mobile device. Text messaging charges may apply depending on the rate plan you have with your provider.

To Stop Receiving CARTS Tweets

Send "unfollow cartsofcjp" (without quotes) to phone number 40404; and you will stop receiving tweets from this source. You can also use stop or leave in place of unfollow.

Twitter Name

Our Twitter name is CARTS of CJP.