Craven Communications Center

Craven Communications Center is Craven County's Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). The communications center serves as a regional communications center serving Craven County, Town of Bridgeton, Town of Vanceboro, Town of Trent Woods, andTown of River Bend, and is capable of backing up City of New Bern and City of Havelock.

It provides 24-hour telecommunications operations for receiving and dispatching requests from the public for Fire, Rescue, and Law Enforcement. It serves as the county's warning point and receives all severe weather warnings and other emergency communications for dissemination to appropriate officials and departments.

911 Calls

If your call is an emergency, stay on the phone while telecommunicators get enough information from you to ensure a fast and effective response. To learn more, read about the 5 W's telecommunications need to obtain (PDF).

Properly Marking Your Residence

Marking your home is not just for the mail man. In order for a rescuer to get to you in time we need to be able to find your house. Many homes in Craven County have just the mail box numbered. Many of these are black boxes with black marker just written on them. When a rescuer arrives at a group of mail boxes they then have to determine which home they belong to. This takes precious time; please put the number on your house also.

If you have a group of mail boxes side by side, mark them on the front, or use one of the types of panels shown below. This way they can be seen from the side. Insure the lettering is large enough to be seen by a rescuer from a moving vehicle, and that they are reflective, to be seen at night. Think about it. The time it takes you to go to the store, buy the materials, and put them on is about the same time it takes us to find a home that is not marked.

Examples of Properly Marking Your Residence

House with Numbers
Mailbox with Numbers
Guide Post with Numbers
Private Road Sign