Recycle Reduce Reuse


Ways to Recycle those items not currently on the Curbside Collection List.

  • Foam peanuts can be taken to a local delivery store or stored in a cool dry place for the next time you send a package.
  • Gently used clothes can be donated to area shelters.
  • Gently read magazines can be donated to area hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Craft Supplies you no longer use can be donated to area nursing homes and child care facilities.
  • Plastic bags from area stores can be cut into strips and then crocheted into various items.                                               


Ways to Reduce the extra material that comes into your home.

  • Often have leftovers from dining out?  Take a small reusable container in your purse to eliminate the need for the non-degradable Styrofoam container from the restaurant.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Eliminate junk mail by removing your name from unwanted mailing lists. It takes a little bit of diligence, but it’s worth it. Visit for instructions or to discontinue receiving catalogs.
  • Reduce paper, go paperless and pay bills online.
  • Run clothes and dish washers only when full, this reduces using hundreds of gallons of water a month.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Washing dishes by hand? Fill a sink with soapy water and the other sink with clean water and eliminate running water continuously while rinsing dishes.


  • Use commuter cups and bottles for beverages instead of disposable ones.Craven County Water Bottle
  • Have an old container that isn't used any more? Drill a few holes in bottom of the container and make a planter out of it.Plastic Mug Planter
  • Want a piece of yard art and have a pallet laying around the house from another project?  Grab some paint from our Bridgeton Convenience Site and make a flag.Pallet Flag
  • Have a favorite child's toy and want to create something interesting? Take that toy and make a planter for the garden.Child’s Toy Planter
  • Did you do some planting in the garden and have a few of those plastic inserts that the plants came in and want to get your crafts organized? Wash it in hot soapy water and make a craft caddy or use it for spring seedlings you want to start.Craft Caddy