Veterans receiving treatment by a VA primary care provider will receive all necessary medications for treatment. Thirty-day supplies of medications may be provided free of charge (based on service-connected disabilities) or with a copayment. 

Medication Refills

  • Online: Registered users may use the My HealtheVet website to view prescription history and request refills. 
  • Mail Order: Medication refills can be requested by mailing the refill notice provided at the time of the original fill. 
  • Telephone: Some VA Pharmacies have toll-free automated telephone refill systems. 

Non-VA Providers Prescriptions

VA will fill prescriptions from non-VA providers if the Veteran:

  • is enrolled in VA health benefits,
  • has been assigned a Primary Care Provider,
  • has provided the VA healthcare provider with medical records from the non-VA provider, and the VA healthcare provider agrees with the medication prescribed.

For more information regarding prescription benefits, visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website.