Psychological Health Resource Center

The Department of Defense has opened a 24-hour outreach center to provide information and referrals to military service members, veterans, their families, and others with questions about psychological health and traumatic brain injury.

The new center, which is operated by the Defense Centers for Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE), can be contacted around the clock, 365 days a year, by phone toll-free at 866-966-1020 and by email.

"We're providing 24/7 support to assist callers with questions regarding psychological health and traumatic brain injury," said Brig. Gen. Loree K. Sutton, MD, director of DCoE. "Getting the best possible information and tools, hassle-free, will empower and strengthen warriors and their families to successfully manage what can be confusing and disturbing circumstances."


The center can address everything from routine requests for information about psychological health and traumatic brain injury, to questions about symptoms a caller is having, to helping callers find appropriate health care resources.

DCoE promotes resilience, recovery, and reintegration of service members facing psychological health and traumatic brain injury issues, and works to advance research, education, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions.

"If we need to research a question, we'll do the legwork and quickly reconnect with callers," Sutton says. "We welcome feedback on how we can better meet the needs of those we are so privileged to serve."

The center serves members, leaders, and healthcare providers oft he Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserve, and all uniformed services, along with veterans of all the services. The families of service members and veterans are also served by the center.


The DCoE Outreach Center is staffed by behavioral health consultants and nurses, most with Master's degrees. In addition to answering questions, staffers can refer callers to contact centers in other parts of the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, and outside organizations when appropriate. Other contact centers also refer callers to the DCoE Outreach Center.

For more information, visit the Psychological Health Resource Center website.