What Will My Schedule Look Like?

Recycling Pickup will be modified under the new contract from once a week to once a month. Each resident will receive a new 96-gallon Recycling Cart to accommodate this alteration.

Each Cart will have a colored press on with a day of the week on it as displayed below. The color of the press on coordinates with the week of the month your area will be serviced through while the day indicates which day, specifically, your recycling will be serviced. 

Red Week Monday PickupBlue Week Wednesday Pickup

By using the calendar below, you can see that in the month of October the two Carts represented above would be serviced on Monday, October 7 and Wednesday, October 16 respectively. As also noted on the attachment below, There are three days in the upcoming calendar year that will not receive any recycling service. In this case, the schedule will be shifted back one day for the week following the holiday.

For example, if your Cart’s press on is a Yellow Thursday, you will not receive recycling service on Thanksgiving day November 28. However, your recycling service will continue on the following day, Friday, November 29. Similarly, if your Cart’s press on is a Yellow Friday, your service after Thanksgiving will resume on Saturday, November 30. In this way, service will only be postponed 24 hours for one service week following holidays.

Recycling 20-21