Tax Appraisal

2023 Commercial Property Revaluation Survey Forms

These surveys are intended to provide the Craven County Assessor's Office with a means of determining income and expenses associated with specific kinds of improved commercial properties, in order to accurately determine the assessed value of both the real estate and improvements. Instructions detailing how the property owner should fill out these questionnaires are provided in the above link.

Owners of commercial properties in Craven County are mailed printed versions of the Income and Expense Surveys. These surveys are designed to help the property owner accurately describe the real estate improvements and determine the net income generated by current lease agreements and expense data.

Apartment Income & Expense Survey

Commercial Property Income & Expense Survey

Golf Course Income & Expense Survey

Hotel/Motel/Bed&Breakfast Income & Expense Survey

Marina Income & Expense Survey

Mobile Home Park Income & Expense Survey

Self-Storage Facilities Income & Expense Survey