ACI Payments, Inc. Credit Card Payments

Property Tax or Water Bill by Telephone or Online

The Craven County Tax and Water Departments announce the availability of telephone and online payment of bills. You will need the following information to successfully execute the credit card transaction. Before you begin:

  • Read the convenience fee disclosure noted below as our rates and fees have changed. You will be charged an additional fee for using this service.
  • Have your tax bill or water bill and your credit card ready.
  • The jurisdiction code for Craven County is 4302. Please note this before you begin.


If you wish to use the telephone service to pay your bills, please dial 888-272-9829 with the above information available.


If you wish to use the online service to pay your bills, please visit ACI Payments, Inc.. You will be prompted to enter the jurisdiction code and select the type of bill you want to pay (property tax or water bill).

Online Payment Convenience Fee Disclosure

This credit card service is provided by ACI Payments, Inc., and you will be assessed a convenience fee for your use of this automated system. American Express is not accepted for Water Bill payments.


Payment TypeFee
Water Bill - Credit CardFlat rate fee of $1.95 per payment
Water Bill - Debit CardFlat rate fee of $1.00 per payment
Property Tax - Credit CardService fee of 2.50% with a $3.00 minimum fee
Property Tax - Debit CardService fee of 1.00% with a $2.00 minimum fee

For payments above $100,000 please contact the ACI Payments, Inc. Customer Service Department at 1-866-621-4109.