Register of Deeds

In order to protect our staff and continue to provide service, all citizens will be required to WEAR A MASK for the duration of their time in the Register of Deeds office. 

Citizens are also encouraged to use the provided hand sanitizer on the wall in the foyer before and after their visit.

We will no longer be offering curbside service for marriage licenses or notary oaths. We will be allowing up to 3 people inside the front office at one time to provide these services. All services remain by appointment only (call 252-636-6617), with the exception of document recordation. We remain closed to genealogy research.

We ask that only the person or couple needing services enter the building. All others must wait outside.

(Subject to change without notice)

** NOTICE ** 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


As of 5:00 this afternoon Craven County offices will be closed to the public.

What this means for the Register of Deeds office:

My staff will be in the office working as usual to keep things going and to serve the public remotely.  However, the doors will be locked and no one will be allowed in without an appointment.

  2. COUPLES WANTING A MARRIAGE LICENSE WILL HAVE TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION ONLINE AND CALL 252-636-6617 TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Do not call until application is complete. Only the couple will be allowed in the office. Please do not bring children.
  4. Certified copies of Vital Records (Birth, death, marriage) must be obtained by going on our website, clicking on Apply for Certified Copy of Vital Record and following those instructions. Once approved, the document will be mailed to you within one business day. Or by mail. If done by mail, please go to our website and complete Application for Vital Record and mail to us along with a money order (no personal checks) for $10 per certificate.
  5. The Deed Vault will be closed.
  6. The Thank-A-Vet program is suspended until further notice.
  7. We will continue to record real estate documents, submitted through one of our eRecording partners, as they are received. We strongly encourage all documents to be submitted in this manner.
  8. For those who will not use the eRecording method of submission, we are going to have a table set up in the foyer with a box to leave recordings (this is subject to change. If we have issues with people banging on the door or window to be let in to the office, we will have to lock the outside doors and do away with the table. At that time, we will go to eRecording only). This box will be checked hourly. You will need to attach a check for the correct amount and a postage paid envelope so that we can mail the document back. OR, you can call for a time to pick up your recorded document at our convenience.

Thank you all for your understanding as we navigate new waters to keep our staff members safe and healthy.

About the Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds is an elected official and holds office for four years per elected term. The Register of Deeds is the custodian of important vital records and documents and is charged with maintaining and preserving those records for the people of Craven County. This Register of Deeds is proud to serve all citizens of Craven County.

The Register of Deeds office is now accepting credit/debit cards for most services. There will be a small fee charged by our credit card vendor of 5% with a minimum of $1.

1 Certified Copy = $10 + $1 = $11

2 Certified Copies = $20 + $1 = $21

3 Certified Copies = $30 + $1.50 = $31.50, etc...

Marriage Licenses = $60 + $3 = $63


The mission of the Craven County Register of Deeds is to record and maintain births, deaths, marriages, military service discharges, notaries, assumed names, articles of incorporation, maps, and real estate transactions with customer service second to none.

We are governed by three state agencies: the Legislature, the Secretary of State, and the Department of Vital Records. The Institute of Government advises us.

We assist surveyors, realtors, ministers, lawyers, veterans, genealogists, funeral homes, and the general public. It is our goal to serve every citizen in a prompt manner, with a professional, and congenial attitude.

Recording Cut-Off Time

Craven County Register of Deeds Office has a recording cut-off time of 4:30 p.m. for all documents.

Plat Sizes Accepted

18 X 24

24 X 36

Legal Disclaimer

This public information data is furnished by the Craven County Register of Deeds Office, and it must be accepted and used by the recipient with the understanding that the Craven County Register of Deeds Office makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data. Furthermore, the Craven County Register of Deeds Office assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of this data. While we have attempted to preserve the accuracy of this online version, these records are not official and the Craven County Register of Deeds will not be responsible for any inaccuracies that may be encountered. Only the Official Public Records provided in the office shall be referenced as the Official Public Records.