About Your Appointment

What to Bring

Please check the type of appointment you will be coming in for, before you come to your appointment. You will find your appointment schedule inside your WIC booklet. Listed in the schedule, you will find your appointment date, time, and information to bring to the appointment.

If you are unsure what type of appointment you are coming for, always bring your ID, proof of your residence, and ID for your child. Also bring proof of income for everyone in the household; if your child receives Medicaid, bring their card. If you receive food stamps (FNS), bring your confirmation letter with dates. This will ensure you are prepared, no matter the appointment type.

Scheduling & Rescheduling Your Appointment

If you are certain you will be unable to attend your appointment, or you feel that you need a more convenient time, please call our office to reschedule your appointment. This will ensure you do not receive a missed appointment letter, and will make the spot available to someone who may need it.

Walk-In Appointments

We try to follow our schedule to keep the wait for patients shorter. If you miss your appointment, and need to be seen, we will work with you to ensure you get your vouchers; but please keep in mind, we may have to give you an appointment to return if we are unable to take missed appointment walk-ins at that time. Call ahead to check wait times; this will also let the staff know you are coming, and they can let you know whether or not you can be seen.

Walk-in breastfeeding concerns that need to speak with the lactation consultant, or those wanting to get a breast pump will be seen as walk-ins, but may have a wait. This does not apply to those walking in to pick up vouchers only. These are seen as walk-ins daily.

Getting Your Child's Measurements

If your child is seen by their pediatrician within 2 months of their appointment with us, please bring the measurements from their doctor with you. This will shorten your check-in time, as we will not have to measure your child. If your child has any blood work done, please bring the results from that as well. We cannot call your pediatrician to get the measurements, if you do not bring them, you will have to call.

Adding Your New Baby

You will need an appointment in order to add your new baby to WIC, and get your updated food package. To ensure you get in as soon as possible after delivery, call at your earliest convenience, and tell us when you will be available to come in. You need to bring your infant to this appointment.

The staff will take all of your new baby's information, including name, birth date, length, and weight. When you come in for the appointment, your baby will be added to the program, and you will receive an updated food package and postpartum/new baby nutrition education. You can submit your new baby's information to the WIC office before you arrive. Click here to submit your information via email and print the form.