Permitting Process

  • Step 1: Complete the General Information form as well as any other necessary applications required and submit them to the Central Permitting Technician at the Craven County Planning and Inspections office. Permitting Technicians are available during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to assist you in this process. All applications are available on this website for your convenience.
  • Step 2: Your application will then be forwarded to the Planning Department for a thorough Land Use Review to ensure compliance with local ordinances. Planners will also verify flood zones, addresses, easements, setbacks, etc. Some developments may require a site visit if deemed necessary by the Planning Department.
  • Step 3: Your application will then be forwarded to the Craven County Environmental Health (EH) Department if a septic system or a drinking water well is associated with the development. The EH department will conduct their review and issue permits accordingly. Once their review is complete, the file will be routed back to the Central Permitting office and you will be contacted to pick up your permits. If your development is going to operate on a sewer system, we will require a letter from the governmental entity that is supplying that service stating that they intend to serve your development.
  • Step 4: Following Land Use Review and EH review, your application will be forwarded to the Building Inspections Department for plan review. You will need to schedule your inspections with the Permitting Technicians. Once all of the requirements of the NC Building Code have been met, the Inspector will issue the final development permit and you will be contacted at that time.

Scheduling Inspections

It is our normal policy to schedule inspections for the next business day. However, if we are experiencing an unusually high volume of inspection requests, we may in rare cases need to schedule your inspection on the second day. We appreciate your patience!