Why does my water smell like chlorine?

The reason your water may have a slight odor of chlorine is that our goal is to ensure that all customers have safe, quality drinking water. This means the customer at the end of the line has a slightly different residual than customers at the beginning of a line. To make sure that all of the water reaches all of our customers within the correct levels, we are adjusting and testing the water on a daily basis. Upon initial start-up we slightly overfeed the chlorine so as to have a sufficient residual at the ends of the distribution system. Since day one we have been adjusting the feed rate down to lower levels while checking the residual. We have to do this at a slow pace so we do not feed lower than what our actual chlorine need is. Customers that live closest to the water plant may notice this for a longer period of time due to their close proximity to the water plant, whereas before, the water they were getting came all the way from Cove City. The water is SAFE and within state standards, even with the slight odor. We are working towards a perfect balance for all of our customers. We thank you for your patience while we ensure you have the best water possible.

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